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  • I use paypal invoices only. I only take USD as well!

  • Reference images are necessary, be they collages for inspiration or direct reference!

  • If you use a commission made by me as a header, icon, etc, credit to me must be easily available.

  • You’re under no circumstances allowed to trace my art.

  • You’re only allowed two major revisions until the coloring stage, alongside a smaller revision (small tweakings to the expressions or colors, for example).

  • Unless you specifically ask for a commission to be kept private, I will post it on social media.

  • Simple backgrounds only!

  • My commissions are not for commercial use!

✿ I won't draw ✿

  • Complex Backgrounds

  • Mecha

  • Nsfw

  • Gore

  • Furry/Anthro (Maybe a lil bit!!! ask me about this if you’re interested!!)

  • Additionally I can refuse the commission if I feel uncomfortable with it.

✿ Extra Costs ✿

  • %20+ The original price for base colors for line only commissions. No shading.

  • %50+ The original price for extra characters. Up to 4.

  • %50+ The original price for extra intensive character work. This refers to work where you do not have pre-existing reference for exactly how your character looks, and I must invent their appearance, costume, or props. If I must design your character from a written description, that counts as character design work.